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    It’s taken me years to realize it and alas I am very sure that you are my guardian angel. All these years you were almost right in front of my eyes and also slightly above my eyes. Fifteen years later here we are. Every morning I wake up and you are the first thing I think about. I tend to…

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  • Dear Empire Waist Dress,


    Wow. What to say? You truly allow me to be myself. I love how high your waistline rises and I love the way the rest of you cascades over me, completely hiding the shape of my body. I vow that I will never wear another style of dress ever again. You and I fit together like two puzzle pieces or peanut butter and jelly. With you, I can eat as much as I want and still feel beautiful. So thank you for being you. I love you.

    Forever and always,



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  • loveletters2coolstuff:

    Where would I be without you? Probably in the hospital getting back surgery. With you I can use my hands for more important tasks, like carrying iced coffee or high fiving my friends on the street. WIth you, I can carry my laptop, books, makeup, keys and folders without really carrying anything…

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